Neurovalens at 10 Downing Street LondonTechWeek with the Prime Minister

Neurovalens is a global health-tech company that creates non-invasive neurostimulation products used to solve some of the world’s greatest health challenges.

Our medical device technology offers unparalleled transdermal activation of the homeostatic nuclei of the brainstem and hypothalamus, allowing for alterations in autonomic function, circadian regulation and Neuro-metabolic influence.

Our core values hinge on the generation of robust clinical data that provide meaningful outcomes throughout the lives of our patients. Neurovalens technology aims to provide drug-free solutions to the worlds, greatest health epidemics.

Groundbreaking Neuroscience

Neurovalens has designed cranial nerve stimulation technology that accurately and efficiently activates key brainstem neurons without needing implanted electrodes.

This non-invasive approach removes the need for surgical implantation and allows much earlier intervention in the treatment pathway.

Ultimately, Neurovalens’ technology improves patient lives by reducing costs, reducing risk, and crucially improving the disease pathway to allow significantly better health outcomes.


Neurostimulation Reinvented

Neurovalens technology can be utilized across a wide range of disease processes. Our current focus is to provide drug-free treatments within four key health epidemics.


Primary Target:
Central Melanocortin System (CMCS) (Hypothalamus)

Secondary Target:
Dorsal Motor Nucleus of Vagus (Brainstem)

Our goal in type 2 diabetes is to improve glucose and insulin regulation and therefore positively influence HbA1c. Optimization of the central melanocortin system and regulation of the vagal nerve afferents are the primary target areas to allow better glycemic control and potentially reduce the need for pharmaceuticals.


Primary Target:
Arcuate Nucleus (Hypothalamus)

Secondary Target:
Nucleus of the Solitary Tract (Brainstem)

Poor regulation of metabolic homeostasis drives the development of obesity. Neurovalens targets key hypothalamic and brainstem nuclei involved in the neuro-regulation of body composition, with the aim of improving this dysregulation at source.


Primary Target:
Suprachiasmatic Nucleus (SCN) (Hypothalamus)

Secondary Target:
Intergeniculate Leaflet (IGL) (Thalamus)

Homeostatic centers within the hypothalamus and thalamus regulate the circadian rhythm the and sleep wake cycle. Neurovalens’ technology actively stimulates the SCN and IGL in a way that improves both sleep quality and duration.


Primary Target:
Locus Coeruleus (LC) (Brainstem)

Secondary Target:
Paraventricular Nucleus (PVN) (Hypothalamus)

Regulation of the parasympathetic and sympathetic pathways of the autonomic nervous system in response to stress can be influenced via the LC and the PVN. Connections to these centers via the medial vestibular nucleus allow both to be non-invasively targeted.

Together, science and technology have tremendous potential to improve the lives of billions of people across the world. This understanding is core to the mission of Neurovalens. Our passionate and talented team is dedicated to providing neuro-technology that will help solve the key health problems of our generation.

Dr Jason McKeown
CEO & Co-Founder of Neurovalens

Culture & Process

At Neurovalens, we are very passionate about the technology that we create, and we are extremely proud that this ultimately improves the lives of those who suffer from neurological and metabolic health issues.

The culture of Neurovalens is centred around building value through innovation in medical technology.


Wharton Asset Management Company

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IQ Capital

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Angel Co Fund

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Techstart Ventures is an early-stage technology investor, managing £90m of funds from offices in Edinburgh and Belfast. Techstart is one of the most active investors in the UK market, completing more than 20 new investments per year.

Beltrae Partners Ltd

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Research Associates

Robust clinical data is the cornerstone of Neurovalens approach to treating diseases. We are proud to be collaborating with many world renowned research facilities.


Neurovalens has an ongoing research collaboration with the University of California, San Diego (USA). Currently clinical trials are being carried out with the aim of achieving FDA & MHRA approval for the technology to be used in the management of obesity.

Queens University

Both Dr Jason McKeown & Dr Paul D. McGeoch currently hold academic affiliations with Queen’s University Belfast (UK). This collaboration focuses on the influence of Neurovalens’ technology on the influence of metabolism & body composition.

Ulster University

Neurovalens has an ongoing research collaboration with the University of Ulster (UK). Currently clinical trials are being carried out with the aim of achieving FDA & MHRA approval for the technology to be used in the management of obesity.


Through collaboration with the Clinical Research Centre, University College Dublin (IRE), clinical trials are being carried out with the aim of achieving HPRA & MHRA approval for the technology to be used in the management of both obesity & type 2 diabetes.

Le Bonheur Childrens Hospital

Texas Diabetes & Endocrinology (TDE) are experts in diabetes treatment. Their clinical site in Austin Texas was added as an additional site to the Vestal Trial at the beginning of 2020.


The Exercise and Physical Activity Resource Center (EPARC) at UCSD is a joint venture between the Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, the Center for Wireless and Population Health Systems (CWPHS), and the California Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2). Currently EPARC are one of our sites for our Vestal Obesity Trial. They are currently in the data collection phase of the trial.



• US Patent: Sleep

• Modius SLEEP launch on Indiegogo


• Amazon UK, DE and US launch

• Awards Recieved: Start-Up World Cup, Yahoo Sports Tech Awards, Pitch@Palace


• EU, China & Canada patent

• Modius SLIM: $2M in sales on IndieGoGo

• Official Modius SLIM launch at CES


• US patent

• Modius SLIM allowed to be sold as a wellness device


• Neurovalens is formed

• UCSD pilot studies

• Awarded Propel Start-up Company of the Year by Invest NI

Our Awards

Health Category at the Future Planet Awards2019

Finalist for Med Tech Innovator Award2019

Finalist UK Business Angel Investment Awards2019

CES Innovation Award2018

Last Gadget Standing Finalist2018

Regional Champion & World Cup Finalist2018

Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year2018

Digital DNA Startup of the Year2018

Weight Management Product of the Year2018

Best New Innovation Yahoo Sports Technology Awards2018

Healthcare Business of the Year2018

Eagle Labs Innovation Award2018