Silicon Republic | Neurovalens hiring for 10 roles in Belfast after raising £1.2m on Indiegogo

Neurovalens is offering positions in engineering and marketing.

Belfast-based tech firm Neurovalens has announced 10 new positions in software engineering, hardware engineering and marketing. The company hopes to fill the positions before the end of 2017.

Neurovalens is best known for developing the wearable weight management device Modius.

Using Indiegogo to revolutionise weight loss

The announcement comes after an extremely successful fundraising round over 60 days on popular crowdfunding website Indiegogo. During this time, Neurovalens raised £1.2m in capital in the most successful fundraising campaign ever run by a Northern Ireland company on the platform.

The campaign raised money from more than 4,000 customers across 84 countries, and the original target set by Neurovalens was overwhelmingly passed, allowing the company to expand its team.

Those who contribute to the campaign are offered access to headsets at discount prices and a year’s membership to Modius Life, a members-only community that offers real-time assistance for your weight loss journey, from experts to healthy eating and exercise plans.

Neurovalens previously received £259,000 towards R&D from Invest NI, having participated in its Propel programme in 2015.

It has already begun shipping headsets out to its customers.

Neuroscience-led global health

Neurovalens was founded by a team of neuroscientists and doctors in 2013, lead by Dr Jason McKeown and Dr Paul McGeoch.

The Modius headband sends a small electric impulse into the area behind the ear to activate the vestibular nerve in the brain. Activating the stimulation has been shown to cause body fat reduction in animals, as demonstrated in a study conducted in 2002, which mirrored the results detailed in a NASA research paper published in 1972.

McKeown has expressed excitement about the future of medtech, saying:

“We see Modius as the first generation of ‘careable technology’ – in our case, helping people get lean through stimulation of the vestibular nerve. We know we can help adults with weight loss and weight management. We think we’re in the early foothills of a neuroscience-led revolution in global health.”

January 10, 2022 — Chris Miskelly