Meet The Team - Iain Hendrick - CPO

What is your name and what position do you have at Neurovalens?

My name is Iain Hendrick and I’m Chief Project Officer at Neurovalens. This role aligns business goals with projects and operations.

What course did you study at university?

I studied Electrical & Electronic Engineering, which combined many different engineering fields from Power Generation and Transmission, Analogue & Digital Electronics, Control Systems and Digital Signal Processing. At this time, I gravitated towards Control Systems and DSP which introduced more software development.

How did you first get interested in that field?

As a kid I was always interested in how and why things worked, my father is an engineer and I would watch fascinated as he worked and fixed things. Engineering was always something that I saw as adding value to the world around me and that’s what I try to achieve in my own life & career.

What attracted you to work at Neurovalens?

Neurovalens was an opportunity that I came across from a call with a recruiter, I didn’t understand the science at first but when I met Jason (CEO) the passion and intent was clear. I quickly realised that this was a great opportunity to work with some incredible people and mentors. Listening to the radio one day, there was a discussion about how pharmaceuticals aren’t always a suitable intervention. At this point, the puzzle came together and I realised this was now a real opportunity to have an impact and add value to people's lives.

What are the most enjoyable things about working at Neurovalens?

The team - working with an incredible team is the most enjoyable part of working at Neurovalens.

What motivates you in your work?

My motivations come from career aspirations and evolve from life events. Seeing the impact that Neurovalens technology has on people's health is a huge motivator. Life is a journey where you meet people with different burdens along the way and I have seen through these interventions that you can have a positive impact on their quality of life. Health Technology is a great way to combine business success and positive health improvements.

What are your long-term career goals?

My focus is bringing Neurovalens health technology to patients around the world. After that who knows? Having a positive impact on the world around me is important, so I would look to continue working in health or safety technologies.

Do you have any interests or hobbies outside of work?

I have two kids that I try to spend as much time with as I can, life moves so quickly and every day is a learning day with them. In the little time I do have left I like cycling, mostly on the road but also enjoy mountain biking and playing guitar.

February 08, 2023 — Aidan Flanagan