Dr Jason McKeown | Neurovalens

Neurovalens CEO

Dr Jason McKeown

Driven by his combined passion for improving people’s lives, neuroscience and technology Jason has transitioned from being a medical doctor in the UK to founding Neurovalens.

Jason also holds an academic position at the University California, San Diego (UCSD), where he researches neuroscience and neuromodulation in partnership with distinguished Professor VS. Ramachandran.

Jason’s current focus is on the type 2 diabetes, with the primary goal being the creation of the worlds first FDA approved non-invasive treatment.

Over the coming years, Jason will be focused on continuing to transform lives by bringing new neuro-technology solutions to market to help improve the lives of those who suffer from both metabolic and neurological issues.

Meet the Team

We Love Making Things Simple, Intuitive & Expertly Crafted.

Our team comprises of doctors, innovators and health enthusiasts. We all come together to learn, teach, network, and get inspired so that we can help change the landscape of neuroscience worldwide for the better.

Dr Jason McKeown | Neurovalens

Jason McKeown

Chief Executive Officer

Iain Hendrick | Neurovalens

Iain Hendrick

Chief Project Officer

Sinead Watson | Neurovalens

Sinead Watson

Head of Clinical & Regulatory

Chris McCabe | Neurovalens

Chris McCabe

Chief Technology Officer

Rebecca Armstrong | Neurovalens

Rebecca Armstrong

Clinical & Quality Manager

Rachel Robinson | Neurovalens

Rachel Robinson

Clinical Research Manager

Josh Holmes | Neurovalens

Josh Holmes

Lead Clinical Researcher

Shirin Macias | Neurovalens

Shirin Macias

Clinical Trial Coordinator

Tori Ratajczak | Neurovalens

Tori Ratajczak

Clinical Trial Coordinator

Joe Reel | Neurovalens

Joe Reel

Clinical Trial Coordinator

Coral Lapsley | Neurovalens

Coral Lapsley

Clinical & Regulatory Manager

Patricia McKeown | Neurovalens

Patricia McKeown

Administrative Coordinator

Craig McConnell | Neurovalens

Craig McConnell

Senior Designer

Ruth Armstrong | Neurovalens

Ruth Armstrong

Marketing & Customer Experience

John Conway | Neurovalens

John Conway

Logistics Coordinator

Jonathan Briggs | Neurovalens

Jonathan Briggs

Technical Software Engineering Manager

Steven George | Neurovalens

Steven George

Software QA Manager

Richard Barnes | Neurovalens

Richard Barnes

Software QA Analyst

Mark O'Hara | Neurovalens

Mark O'Hara

iOS Engineer

Adam Simmons | Neurovalens

Adam Simmons

Senior Android Engineer





Board Members & Investors

Ian Kerr | Neurovalens

Ian Kerr

Chairman & Investor

Dr Paul D McGeoch | Neurovalens

Dr Paul D McGeoch

Co-Founder & Non-Executive Director

Gaby Salem | Neurovalens

Gaby Salem

Board Member & Investor

Kerry Baldwin | Neurovalens

Kerry Baldwin

Board Member & Investor

Tina Liedtky | Neurovalens

Tina Liedtky

Board Member

Audrey Osborne | Neurovalens

Audrey Osborne

Board Observer & Investor

Brian Cumings | Neurovalens

Brian Cummings

Board Observer & Investor








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Dr Jason McKeown and Team | Neurovalens

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Dr Jason McKeown and Team | Neurovalens Dr Jason McKeown and Team | Neurovalens

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